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I cannot think of

Do you believe that after you did something productive, the next thing you do is lamer than ever? That is what I am feeling right now. The last 2 days of my long weekend due to typhoon Falcon was great. I did something productive with my blogs and accomplished some online tasks. For you t have an overview of what I did, this is the list:

I changed Pinoy Reviewer's blog template. The older theme was decent and elegant but the coding and images used were too big so it loads slower. Well that's a huge NO NO! Our blogs must load faster for the convenience of our readers right? So I changed it to something minimal but faster than before.

I pinged my blogs on certain blog directories out there. See the additional buttons on my sidebar? How tiny and cute they are and helpful at the same time.

I also posted a lot of articles about promos and giveaways on my review blog so I am updated with the latest getaways in the Metro.

But now, I feel that everything is so lame. I just woke up and while writing this blog post, I can't think of things I can do to become productive again. Maybe I will finish some online tasks or read my notes in Statistics because we will be having our Prelim Exam there tomorrow! Right! Or I will just watch TV and find out the pilipinas got talent season 2 winner! LOL! This is so lame for real!
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