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Day 7: Expiring Notice in my Yahoo Mail!

Attention Domain Expiration Spam Notification

This is ridiculous! I opened my yahoo mail just now and noticed this email from with a subject of Attention Domain Expiration. The letter looks so real because of the complete details of myself like they know my complete name and address. It's like a receipt from Paypal.

The email says that my domain is about to expire on July 02, 2011 and I need to pay $75 to evade this to happen. It says that I need to pay $75 for my listings on other search engines out there. You know what, I am ain't gonna pay $75 for search engine rank! I know the basics of Search Engine Optimization and I can somehow list my blogs on different search engines!

So if you received this email from the same sender as I mentioned above, just delete and ignore it! You don't have to pay a single cent for search engine listing! Last March, I received a spam email with the subject of United Parcel Notification in my Mail. Right now, I am also receiving spam notifications from DHL and FedEx. So be cautious about spammers!
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