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Day 6: Venturing in a Business

I really can't wait to start our business with friends. Along with Nash, some of my friends in college are planning to invest a little amount of money to buy an interesting stuff. We will be selling it to my classmates and schoolmates. I can already feel that this will be a blast for all of us!

The interesting stuff that I have mentioned above is none other than Mood Rings! Well Mood Rings are not your typical ring. It changes its color depending on your mood! Scientifically, it changes its color depending on your body temperature. Your temper and body temperature are somehow connected so it does makes sense!

If this business succeeds, I am going to invest half of my revenue to buy some stuffs to sell online. If you are one of the people here in the Philippines who are asking about where to buy mood rings in Manila, you can simply drop some comment below and I will quickly respond! I will only do some meet ups within Metro Manila area only!
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