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Day 5: Wasted Day!

Today is Wednesday and it means that I don't have classes! Yippee! I woke up at exactly 10:30 AM,  opened the TV, watched a bit and I wasn't able to look at the clock. I saw myself eating brunch and I said to myself that I need to be productive today! 

I need to double my earnings for me to buy my dream camera at the end of the month, I need to finish my assignment in Statistics and I also need to pack up my things but what the heck happened today? I feel like I accomplished nothing! This is the wasted day ever!

Okay, tomorrow will be another day and I will make sure that I will accomplish something! Thanks for reading this shitty blog post! HAHA! Before I sleep again, take a look with the newest creation of Smart Broadband named Smart Bro Power Plug-it! It's awesome! Trust me! :)
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