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Day 3: Fashion Style

I am planning to attend a gym session after we move into our new house which will be held this coming Saturday. Me and my mom are planning to start daily routine and have a "new" and healthy lifestyle with our new surroundings. I am also planning to give away my old clothes because I am not using the anymore and they are making my closet fully packed.

I can still remember my fashion style when I was a freshman in College and it was not that good. I was influenced by "emo" bands that I was listening to before and that created so much drama! I tend to wear black shirts, skinny jeans with matching sneakers for the entire week! Can you believe that? If you have seen me before, you might kill me! LOL!
Right now, I am planning to removes those overused shirts and skinny jeans and buy some new clothes. I can say that my fashion style has changed. Now that I am in my final year in College, I must wear decent outfit like polo shirts or tee-shirts with minimal designs.

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