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Day 2: Hachiko

I will not watch a movie with a dog on it that will only try to make me cry! That was what I said when I heard of the movie entitled "Hachiko: A Dog's Tale". I am not a fan of movies that feature an animal on it because they are unbelievable!

Because of boredom, I decided to watch the movie anyway. If you can't stand watching a movie with only few lines or script, then you might hate this film. But for me, the flow of the movie was good.

You can learn the lesson of friendship and loyalty in this movie. This made me realized that I want a pet dog! :p

Yes, this movie is a tear-jerker! It made me cry for like half an hour and I don't know why! HAHA! I never had a dog before but the connection between me and Hachiko was terrific! *Maybe I was a dog in my past life*
This movie was based on a true story. Story of friendship and loyalty. If you are a dog lover, maybe you want to watch this movie and be touched!
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