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Day 1: Jackass!

It's now 2:03 in the morning here at my place and I am still wide awake. I just finished watching Jackass 3D movie and it was hilarious! My friend gave me a copy of the movies a while ago and I am so thankful about it.

I loved their wicked stunts and I also enjoyed watching them getting punched in the face! Although some of their stunts were icky as hell, I still enjoyed the movie. But f you don't like violence, this might not suitable for you.

I think they have been doing these activities for years now and this show bonded them a lot! I saw their brotherhood and it's good to know that although their job includes throwing pranks with each other, they can still maintain their brotherhood for so many years. I hope they can still make another one! LOL

This is my first day of writing something for my Project 30 so please, bare with me. I know this $ucks. The thing is, I am terribly busy now with school and some other stuffs. Boooh!
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