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Class Suspended for Elementary and Highschool.. Wait! What about us?

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I don't get it. Why do they suspend classes for elementary and high school students only? Today, June 9, 2011, the Department of Education announced the cancellation of classes for preschool, elementary, and high school levels due to heavy rains. Although it is not yet a typhoon, they still cancelled it.
But what about us? What about college students here in Metro Manila? Our school is located within University Belt so we are also in danger from flood! Call me a chicken or whatever but who wants to be stuck in a flood out of nowhere?

That is just my thought about this issue. I have seen a lot of college students complaining on their Facebook pages regarding this issue so I decided to blog it. I hope that DepEd and CHED can read this. haha!

If you have any concern about this, drop what you are thinking right now! Let the officials read them! They might do something about this!
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