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My Diet Routine in Zambales

I find it hard to maintain a healthy and good looking body in the city because of its environment. The pollution in air and also in water can affect the lifestyle of everyone no matter how they maintain and workout for their desired body. But the opposite of this is the effect of living in the province or rural area like Zambales--My hometown.

Since my summer break is up, I decided to wind up in my hometown far from the city where I spend most of my time for College. Life in Zambales is quiet refreshing and healthy in the body. Foods are all fresh from the farm and fruits are everywhere! We have a lot of fruit bearing trees that are always available if I need them like mango tree, banana tree, apple tree, and a lot more of healthy trees that bear fresh fruits.
Pomelo Tree in our backyard
What I like there is I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and I can say that my diet routine is right and I am doing okay. For my exercise, I do biking every morning before the sun rise up. I go biking around the small village and go straight in the beach to witness the sunrise. After biking, I now go home and have my healthy breakfast which is consists of fried rice with egg omelet, some fish and a cold glass of orange juice. For my dessert, my grandma always make a watermelon or mango shake that are rich with vitamins. A low carb candy is also good as an alternative by the way.

What about you? What do you think about your Diet Routine? Can you share it with us?


  1. How lucky you are to have all these fruits from the trees around your home - and fresh foods from the local farms! I can't think of any better way to eat!

  2. Too bad we don't have a province where I can unwind. Oh well. I don't have a fixed diet routine and i'm pretty sure i'm not living a healthy life for the main reason that I don't eat veggies (but I love eating fruits, though!).

    Enjoy the rest of your summer break! :)


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