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Hey! Deej is Back!

Boooh! They all don’t care. Ha!ha! So I have been to Zambales for a very long vacation. I arrived there last May 5 and stayed there until May 14. Today is 15 so I am freaking back! I just arrived here and kind of tired and craving for some rest. But I decided to clean up my emails and update this blog.

Dang! I miss the internet. I miss the noisy street of the metro compared to where I have been where silence rules! No internet. No entertainment.

But the best thing about staying there is the time I spent with my grandparents as well. We have a lot of fruit-bearing trees and all you need is a long stick for you to eat some fruits like mango, cashew and a lot more! I got along with Mother Earth too (Now I feel so hippie). I am going to miss the fresh air, the beach, and my dogs.

Yesterday, May 14, I went biking and took pictures along the way. I am going to post process them all and post them here as soon as possible.

Before I take a nap, I need to say this first: I Miss You All!

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  1. hey!!! kaya ka pala nawala eh... haha. na-miss din kita... ugn blog posts mo! :)) glad you're back... i can't wait to see the pictures. :p


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