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Finally Have my Tarot Card!

It's been weeks since I craved for a deck of tarot card and I searched online but they are all expensive and it is not advisable to buy a tarot card online because you must see the decks for yourself so you can feel the connection between the Tarot cards that meant for you. I tried to search at Robinson's Place Ermita Manila but found nothing. While I have to reserve on Powerbooks because they are gonna purchase the tarot first on Amazon which is kind of pricey.

Yesterday, two of my friends accompanied me to Greenhills to buy Tarot cards since our classes are not yet regular. We traveled from Recto to Greenhills for like 1 and a half hour but it's all worth it!
AHHH! Greenhills Shopping Center!
Finding tarot cards in Greenhills Shopping Center was like searching a needle in a haystack! Luckily, we found this store in Tiangge named Abracadabra where the owner of the store said that Fully Booked in Promenade is selling variety of Tarot. We thanked him and hurriedly went in  Fully Booked.

It took me 30 minutes to find the right tarot for me because I was stuck between two good deck--Druid Tarot Deck and the Tarot of 78 Doors. In the end, The Tarot of 78 Doors appealed to me.
Tarot of the 78 Doors from Fully Booked
We also accompanied Nash to buy Mood Rings. We found a lot of mood rings at Regina's Gift Shop for only 29 pesos. Regina's Gift Shop sells a lot of good items, you name it!
Mood Rings from Regina's Gift Shop
After accomplishing everything, we decided to eat something at KFC and talked a bit. I also tried my tarot card to my friends and it did well I guess. I was so impressed! After the talk and reading, we headed home via Grenhill's parking lot. It is so huge I want to play rc cars with my friends. Too bad we don't have one.

Right now, I am contented with what I have and I am taking time to familiarized myself with the whole deck. By next month, I hope I can do some readings for me to help my friends and loved ones.
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