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Deej Loves Blog Contests!

Hurray! May 21, 2011 is finally over and guess what I am still alive and blogging. I wonder what is the feeling of those people who believed that hoax and spent their money on their credit cards! Believe it or not, they just did! 

Back to the main topic. Since I have nothing to blog about and I just posted all of my pabaons from Zambales, I just want to inform you guys that there is an ongoing blog contest that is giving away cute and lovable prices plus the $20USD to be sent directly to your paypal account! I really love the first price by the way because I need a Domo bag, Domo wallet and Domo keychain! *fingers crossed* sama mo pa daliri ko sa paa! :)

If you want to join, you can visit HoshiGirl's blog post regarding the procedure on how to be a participant. This contest is up until June 10, 2011.
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