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Working on Something :)

I realized that almost all of my posts for the past months were rants. That is why I decided to give them a break by doing some summer activities although my classes are not yet over until May 2. I guess this is a happy post though. :)

First off, I am on the process of designing and optimizing my newest blog. I am done with the crucial part of making a blog (Choosing blog templates) and I am almost done with the design. I tweaked it a little bit and putting on some essential widgets like twitter widget and also designed the banner. My new blog is all about reviews and I am kind of excited with the whole process. I am planing to publish at least 30 blog posts first before I buy a domain then next stop would be linking up with other bloggers.

Second, I am planning to go to Zambales to spend my summer vacation. Of course I will not go there without my internet connection or I will die! That is why I downloaded an Opera Mini for my phone for me to have free internet service.

A summer job would be so awesome. What about a Lemonade stand? Or grilled food kiosk? Since I do have some money to start a summer job.

Instead of ranting about summer, I decided to make fun activities like the ones I have said above. What above you? What are the summer activities you are planning to do?


  1. wow but ka pa hanggang may 2 na lang. prelims ko palang yun haha. hanggan may 20 pako. May 02 ka ako May 20 haha lol

    excited nako sa new blog mo haha reviews ng alin? ng kung ano ano? books, movies, etc?

    basta ba may OM free internet na? o may ek ek pa? kasi yung friend ko sya makapag internet kahit may OM sya. C3 gamit nya. taga olongapo sya.

  2. Zambales? tiga dun best friend ko pero never pa akong nakapunta. haha. sabi niya maganda raw... i wish i could also have that free internet. kaso samsung phone ko eh... pang nokia lang yata un? :p

    tingin ko mag papatok ung ihaw-ihaw deej! favorite ko un! ahaha


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