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New Building, New School

Since my school was burned last 2009, we were forced to transfer to a not-so-good building. We only occupy the second floor of the entire building and that was not pleasant at all. Kudos to the management because they were able to fix the place and transformed it to a better one--the old one looked so haunted.

On a positive side, that not-so-good building became our second home. We shed tears and shared laughters with my classmates. That building witnessed a lot of things that has something to do with that transformation of the old and new me. The day I tried to court someone, the problematic day of my life, and the funniest moments of me and my friends. I will surely miss this.

A while ago, my professor asked me if I want to come with him to visit the new building of my school--Our New Home :) I replied "Yes" so we went there since my classes were over at that time. The building is located at Recto in front of the University of the East. We are noe occupying the entire building with 4-floors including the rooftop.

The places was so inviting and there were still several men working on it and putting the final touch. The flooring was great. I first thought that it has tiled on it but I was wrong. It has a wooden flooring. I wonder where they find a Flooring installation. The rooms are also doubled the size of our old rooms. I am definitely sure that my classmates and also the new students will enjoy this. The freshmen are so lucky to occupy the new building. The good thing is I still have 1 year before I graduate.

PS. I guess I am back from a very long hiatus. :) Sorry guys. I was just so busy for the whole month. 


  1. Hi Deej! buti naman at nakalipat/lilipat na kayo sa bagong building. Sang school ka ba? hehe. dati kasi akong nag aral dian sa ubelt kaya un. :)) welcome baccccckkkk! ^_^

  2. ang tagal mo nga nagpost ulit. hehe. ano naman kinabusyhan mo? :P

    ang cool naman nung wooden floor. mas maganda yun. :)) goodluck sa new building XD

  3. Hi. Just would like to ask san ka sa Cavite ngayon? Andito kasi ako sa dasmariñas haha wala lang XD


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