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I Am Number Four (Movie Review)

I can say that I got hooked up with the story of I Am Number Four because I love this kind of film. By the time I read the book, I really wanted to watch the film and see if the director of the film has given the author of the book a justice. And it was so-so.

A lot of people say that the book is way better than the movies and I agree with them but seeing the fiction characters moving and talking is also good so I am thankful that it has a movie version.

The characters were good. I think I am in love with Dianna Agron also known as Quinn Fabray in the TV show Glee. The effects were okay. But it was not that detailed compared to the book. I am sorry if I am comparing the book to the movie. I just cannot help myself and I am sure that you will also do the same if you have read the book.

In the book, Number Four or John Smith fought a lot of Mogadorians and reading the fighting scene was tremendously tiring like I wanted to take a rest every page because it was so intense but in the film, he only fought like 6 Mogadorians and only 1 or 2 beasts. But all in all, it was okay.

The combination of romance, action and comedy were there and that gave some twists on the film. I love the part where Number Six said that her name is Jane Doe. So ironic.

Since I hate spoilers, I won’t give any. One thing is for sure, you will be so excited with the sequels. I can’t wait to see the other Loriens

What about you? What is your verdict on the film? Share it below.


  1. sobrang gusto ko mapanood yan :(( di ko pa tapos idownload eh. hmp.

    Jane Doe? Kanta ng NSN yun dba? haha XD

    // off topic: do you mean you also have summer classes?

    i think you should blog about your lovelife too. who knows, bloggers might help you with your situation :))

  2. @Alvin It's really nicee. :)
    @Mei Will reply to your blog.

  3. I want to try that movie. It was interesting. And oh, Diana Agron is so beautiful. I like her character in glee. She's gorgeous. :)

  4. You are so right Donna! I love Dianna Agron! :)

  5. Really? Saan banda? Eh diba yung building nio sa tapat ng UE located? Ano bang school mo?

  6. narinig ko na yang movie. sabi nga maganda. galing pala un sa book? hindi ko kasi alam. nako... ako rin gusto ko rin maging movie ung mga nababasa ko kasi minsan hindi ko ma-imagine. LOOOL. :D

  7. I haven't seen it but from what my co-workers at DISH told me was it was a great movie. I did see the ending but that was it. I'm going to order it on PPV in HD tonight and from what I saw I think it's going to be good. I hope it doesn't let me down and just be a comic book kind of movie.


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