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Dear April (A Letter)

For me, April is such a bummer. I am really glad that it will be ending soon and I can't wait for it. I just want to forget everything that happened within those days where all I need to do is stare at the clock and hope for the best.

Aside from the hot summer days, I am also referring to the days that occurred at my school. Now that I am quiet near at the finish line, things are getting worst! My subjects are really getting harder and I am afraid I might fail one. :| But I am still hoping for the best. *fingers crossed*
Another one is my "heart-status". I don't know but there is something happening that I can't explain. Oh well, forget that crap. There is nothing serious about it. It just annoys me every time I am feeling weird.

Most importantly, April destroyed my blogging routine. There were days where I was ultimately busy so instead of writing a blog post, I ended up on my bed taking a long nap.

I got a phrase for you April. GET LOST!

1 comment:

  1. bacoor? lapit lang pala. hehe. bat nasa cavite ka? diba taga zambales ka? :P

    hmm mejo hindi rin naging maganda april ko. hindi ko alam kung may good news or bad news na dadating sakin by the end of the month so kinakabahan ako.

    i am curious about that heart status. literally about your heart? or lovelife? haha.


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