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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can spice up your career in blogging. It can make your blog more popular and can attract thousands if not hundreds of visitors everyday! All you need is a website that offers great SEO services.

Blogging is more fun if you are willing to be open for new things. Blogging is not just writing any stuff that you like to publish on your blog. You can write on a specified topic that is within your forte. If you like dogs, then write something about them. After a month of doing this and applying a good SEO technique, you can have a good amount of readers through different search engines.

SEO is a method that you can do in your blog to be on top of every search engines. By this means, you can attract people who are browsing on the internet. If you are on the first page of a search engine like googel, they will end up on reading your blog.

Writing quality contents on your blog is a great impact. Nothing will beat a great content because content is indeed a KING!

Try to follow my tips that I applied on my two blogs:

1. Publish good articles. Write at least 50 quality contents with great keywords on it.

2. Be minimal. Using minimal templates can also do something with the performance of your blog. Too much codes or design might messed up your blog's ranking.

3. Link up with other bloggers with the same topic.

4. Discover your own way of tweaking your blog online and offline. Or try asking a good friend.

If you have some SEO techniques, you can share it with us by commenting below. 

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