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Trying Out Food Photography

I am planning to come up with a food blog but I was being hindered by a very busy schedule at school. Just like my other blogger friends Nash and Ced, we only blog for like once a week. Lame as it seems but of course we need to prioritize schooling right?

So I just want to share the photos of some foods that I ate for the past weeks. Let me know if I am qualified to run a food blog. I need constructive criticisms okay?
Greenwich Carbonara
This is what my friend ate during our Saturday getaway. Too bad I was not able to take pictures of the Pizza I had.
Mmmmm. Choco Mocco time!
Choco Mocco is one of the kiosks I always visit at SM Manila. My friends and I really enjoyed its unique taste.

So what do you think guys? Am I qualified for a food blog? I might buy some domains by the end of my school term and I am planning to have one for my soon to be food blog or food photography. 

PS. I did some post processing with the photos above including brightness, vibrance, and curves using my photoshop software. 


  1. Not bad. super hilig ko sa foods pero pag mamahalin never ko pa natry hahahaha makapunta nga jan sa choco mocco na yan. bat parang di ko napapansin yan sa sm manila?? hmm.

  2. i love greenwich's carbonara! da best un para sakin.. malinamnam kasi e noh? :))

    sana makaluwas na ako ASAP para ma try yang choco mocca na yan. hehe


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