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The Taste of Japanese Food

I kinda love doing random things and also going to random places. That was what happened to me last Thursday when all the badminton players urged me to watch their practice for the upcoming sports-fest of our school (I am the coordinator of badminton). Yes! I unexpectedly went to San Juan to watch their practice. 

Along with my friend Elena, we went to a Gymnasium or a court to support the badminton and volleyball team. After watching them do their warm-ups, we got hungry and decided to eat something.
Tuna Sashimi and California Maki
I ordered California Maki while Elena ordered a Tuna Sashimi. I love the color combination of my California Maki so I can't help myself not to take some photos of it.
This was my first time to eat these kind of foods because I am not a fan of Japanese foods. I tried eating at Tokyo-Tokyo and I didn't enjoy it. I would rather eat something in Jollibee than in other Japanese restaurants. :p

Too bad I was being attacked by extreme sinusitis that day so I wasn't able to taste those foods correctly. California Maki was sweet because of the Mango on it. Other than that, I can't elaborate much of its taste.

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  1. Try Rai Rai Ken's tuna sashimi. It's really delicious.


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