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I am Tangled!

A lot of people say that Tangled is a redemption from the downfall of Disney's attempt to put some twists on their creation. Their downfall was when they produced the movie "The Princess and the Frog" which also became very controversial because that was the first "black princess" in Disney. But for me, Disney never fell. It's just that people don't want 
cliché anymore and they want some freaking twists!

Definitely, Tangled gave a twist of the hit-novel "Rapunzel" which I find boring but because of those twists like the magic or the involvement of a magic golden flower (did I name it correctly?) is pure awesomeness!
The modern Rapunzel from Tangled
When it comes to graphics, it's great! We are on the 21st Century baby! The romance is quite good plus the twists in the attitude of the characters are also remarkable.
Maximus from the movie Tangled

Pascal the chameleon from the movie Tangled
These cute and funny characters add some good effects on the movie. Without them, Tangled will not be Tangled and it would probably scuk. I mean Pascal and Maximus are like the cutest animal characters in a Disney film

Since I got tangled up with the movie, I am giving them 9 out of 10. I only gave 9 because I kinda don't like the ending. They waste Rapunzel's magical hair? I mean without that blonde, long, and glowing hair, Rapunzel will never be Rapunzel! The twist is, Rapunzel is now a brunette! Yay! I love brunettes! 

Do you have comments about the movie Tangled? Did you like the ending of Rapunzel being a brunette? Do you like brunettes? :p

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  1. Napanood ko na yan, last month ata yun and I also blogged about it. Kasama ko manood roommate ko, though sa laptop lang namin pinanood. just downloaded it. hehe. super duper like namin haha tawa kami ng tawa sa scenes :) tapos ganda pa ng twists :))


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