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Choco Mocco~A Great Treat!

I haven't tried a chocolate fondue before because I know that it is not that cheap if you will order the whole package like the chocolate fountain plus the fruits that you will be using for that. Fortunately, me and my friend discovered a kiosk in SM Manila where you can try their affordable choco fondue. Price starts at 20 pesos!
choco mocco in SM Manila
Our First Choco Fondue at SM Manila
The picture above is their cheapest product that is worth 20 pesos. The fruits are banana, apple, mango, and strawberry dipped with chocolate and sprinkled with peanuts and some sweets. You can also choose if you want to have a variety of fruits on a stick or you just want banana alone.

We liked the banana and strawberry. Mango and apple were just so-so.
You can visit Choco Mocco at SM Manila, Ground floor, in front of the food court. There are so many varieties to choose from like their tea, ice creams and fruits with some ice creams again.:)

We were so satisfied of what we had and became comfortable with their place although they don't really own a boutique or something.
The photos hanging on the wall were just awesome.
We can't help ourselves not to stare and took some pictures. ;)
Have you visited Choco Mocco at SM Manila? What can you say? Share it with us!


  1. ngayon ko lang nalaman un pagkatapos basahin to... sana makabisita ako one time pagluwas ko. :)


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