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Summer Again!

The climate is definitely changing rapidly. The temperature during February is supposed to be cold due to the wind that comes from the melting block of snow and ice in China but it is not anymore! Now, Metro Manila is having a very hot weather during days and nights and I kind of hate! Who like it by the way?

One thing I hate about summer is the summer solstice. It is the opposite of winter solstice during December where days or daytime is becoming longer than nighttime. Longer daytime means longer time in school and might do extra things and activities. Plus it's hard to work when the temperature is hot.

On the other side, Summer somehow means FUN and I love having fun! I am excited with hanging out with my college friends in Laguna to go swimming.

Do you love or hate Summer? Why? What are the summer activities you are doing to make the hot summer days fun?


  1. oo grabe napakainit nga ngayon. ano bey. naiirita ko sa init. lalo na dito sa manila.

    sp nanaman. haha. dami mo sp buti kapa XD wala kabang blog na walang sp? ayoko kasi talaga magcomment sa mga sp hehe

  2. nako.. natatanga nga ako sa weather ngayon dito eh. 2 days na magkasunod, mainit. ngayon naman eto malimig ang simoooyyyy ng haaaanngggiiin. bwahahaha

    but i like winter better. just because i can wear my hoodies. :) tsaka ewan... mas trip ko talaga malamig. kahit naliligo, ayoko ng mainit na tubig. :p


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