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Not my Shoes!

People have different tastes when it comes in choosing their shoes. Some wants high, some wants flat, some wants big, some wants weird looking shoes. It depends upon the personality of the person who will wear it. 

For teens, sneakers are the best shoes for them while some wants it elegant so they wear shoes with heels. If you would ask me, I prefer simple but classic shoes but I also wear sneakers. I have 2 pairs of Diadora shoes and a pair of Air Walk shoes. I saw a very cool shoes from Bench and one of my classmates is wearing it. It is only 850 pesos so I included it on my "to buy" list. Sometimes, I am wishing that my shoes would broke so my mom could buy me a new one. HAHA!

But they are some people who wants a ragged-looking outfit like worn out jeans plus a Timberland Steifel shoes. These are the type of shoes that look so big and usually made up of leather. Cowboys usually wear it but they are not my type of shoes. It looks so heavy but you can use it as a self-defense. You can kick someone's butt and it will really hurt ALOT! *kidding* But it could happen you know.

What about you? What kind of shoes do you like? What is your favorite brand of shoes by the way?


  1. haha. ako flats eh. yoko ng shoes ^_^

  2. Absolutely right! It is not necessary to buy expensive brand stuff, if you know how to check for quality you will find cheap and durable stuff. I also like the simple , flat but unique style shoes.


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