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I now understand people who post too much filler

I used to hate and bloggers who post too much fillers on their blogs like posting too much memes and the like but now, I understand them and I don't hate them anymore. I guess I am one of them now. Hate me for joining them but sometimes, you just don't deserve not to update your blog because something might lose.

I became too busy this month because of some errands for school like deadlines, school activities and other things that consumed a lot of my time. I can't even think of what to blog although I have a lot of photos here in my mobile phone. I just can't find the right words to describe them. I must give justice to them. ;)
This post is not an assurance that you'll gonna see this blog with full of fresh content for the following days. Although prelims are over I know that I am gonna be busy for our Midterms. The subjects that I have this term are like the hardest! I have a lot of programming subjects and I hate it!

I can't wait for summer outing although I hate summer. I prefer hot and endless days during summer than spending long hours sitting in our classroom doing programs or something!

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