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I hear some updates!

Hey there! I just want to update you guys about the things that are keeping me busy for the last few days and that would be the reason for not updating this personal blog of mine. I never thought that February would be one of the busiest day of my life and all I want right now is to have a break--A long summer break!

  • I became so busy doing some online stuffs and projects in my PHP/SQL class. I did 5 different programs using PHP and it was fun!

  • I feel so proud of myself because although I am busy online and I only read my notes twice or thrice, I still managed to have the highest score on one of my major subject. 
  • I am starting to hate Valentine's Day. It just reminds me of how I suck in my life and how I live single!
  • Tomorrow will be the first concert of NeverShoutNever in Trinoma and I am not sure if I can manage to go there.
  • After writing this post, I will probably review my notebooks for my prelims in Data Communication and Philippine History classes tomorrow.


  1. Yay! Make sure you have a break from time to time. Too much of everything is bad, remember? :D

  2. Hi deej,goodluck. belated happy valentines heheh.


  3. deej! may tickets ka for NSN? pupunta kaba? mamaya na yun diba. wala akong tickets. wala kasi akong kasama kumuha eh. gusto ko din pumunta kaso wala ako kasama. haaaay. papalampasin ko ba talaga toh. still undecided :(

  4. wow.. congrats sa highest score mo sa prelims! your efforts are paid off. :))

    belated happy valentine's day to you deej! i used to hate the idea but now.. hmmm... magsawa ung mga mag-shota! na-enjoy ko naman ung akin with friends. hahha

  5. i love valentine's day!
    bakit couple lang ba pwede mag-enjoy? hehe
    minsan, masarap din maging single. :)


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