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Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Clark for Valentine's Day

Right now, I am seeing a lot of my friends on facebook posting their photos from Clark Pampanga along with colorful and stylish hot-air balloons. And I said to myself, "Someday, I will go there and witness Hot air ballooning flights." If only I have my own car, I could just go there along with my friends and have some photos. Too bad, I don't have a car YET. :)

And things are getting extreme like in school, our preliminary exams will be on this week and I really need to focus. Plus the projects that I need to pass this week! Another thing is our group report in my Philippine History class. My group mates are not giving me their summary of reports yet so I can't make a slideshow as early as now.

One thing that is giving me an headache is the Valentine's Day! We will be having this program in school and I will be the one who will lead the prayer. To be frankly, it's been months or years since I last prayed and I don't know where to start. I don't want to be called hypocrite in the first place. What shall I do??! I am also planning to buy some Valentines day presents for my loved ones. I already bought my mom a bag from Thailand. She personally chose it and all I did is to pay for it. A flower or dark chocolate would be okay for girls right?

PS: Photo above is not mine. [source: google]

What do you want to have this coming Valentine's Day? Chocolate? Flowers? A Ring? Share it with us!


  1. haaaayyy... 3 years ko ng gustong magpunta dian kasama boyfriend ko pero wala.... laging may excuse. and this year... dahil sa lagi nlng akong nadidismaya, nakalimutan ko na tungkol dito. naaalala ko nlng nung mag-post ung prof ko ng pics nila. nainggit na naman tuloy ako.. =(

    parang late yata prelims nio? :p


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