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First-time in Star City

Yesterday, me and some of my college friends went to Star City in Pasay City to avail the coupon that we had. We only paid half of the price for ride-all-you-can. Yes, it was my first time there. At first, I was a little bit hesitant to ride their extreme rides but my friends were all willing to ride them all so I can't help myself not to join them.
This is one of my favorite pictures. :) Me wearing my Beanie hat
The weather was good so I wore my beanie and a sun hat is not necessary because it was kind of cold yesterday--The perfect day to wear a beanie hat

Nash were wearing her beret. Then Cedrick bought his Siberian Husky Hat. I wonder when will my other friend wear a panama hat! LoL

The rides are all good. I was too excited to ride everything but we had to wait for like 30-40 minutes before we took a ride. The people at the park were doubled because of their promo. I rode their Cyclone, blizzard, Surf Dancer and more -- Except Sky Flyer and Wild River (someone died in wild river so I was too cautious about it.)
I will never take this ride! - Sky Flyer
If you want to have fun with friends or alone, you can go to Star City. Ride-all-you-can is only 350 pesos but this is not applicable for snow world and some of their newest attraction. 

Me photo-bombing! Sorry guys! :D
Don't forget to bring your camera to capture awesome hapenings! :) Photos were taken by NashMicaell.

What is your favorite ride in Star City? Have you tried the Sky Flyer? Was it good? 


  1. medyo hawig mo yung friend ko sa ibang anggulo. haha XD

    as in first time mo sa star city? weird. hehe. ako nakailang balik na jan. pero matagal na din since huli akong pumunta. at kung pupunta man ako ulit, di pa din ako sasakay sa rides hahaha lol

  2. @MEI haha! Yep! I am serious. :) The next time na pupunta kami sa star city, sasakay na siguro kami sa sky flyer. :D


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