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Eyes Getting Weaker!

Before, during my high school days where I am not staying in front of the computer for hours, my eyes were healthy and can last watching television for hours without having any problem. But now that I need to be in front of the computer for my school projects and blogging tasks, I noticed that my eyes are getting weaker and weaker.

Before, I can stay in front of the computer for 10 straight hours but now, I need to take a break every after 2 to 3 hours of using the computer. I also planned to buy an eyeglasses to protect my eyes from harmful effects of radiation from the computer monitor. I have tried using one but I can't stand using it. I can't help myself not to remove it then I always forget to wear it again. Then I got tired. Guess what, I barely use it now.

Again, I am planning to buy another one. A vintage eyeglasses might suit for me. The ones with thick frames that looks elegant and classic.
vintage eyeglasses
A prescription eyeglasses might be outdated because a lot of them looks old fashioned unless you talk to your eye doctor and tell him the design that you like. You can also change the thickness of the frames as well as the colors.

If you want affordable and stylish eyeglasses, you might want to try Zenni Optical. It is the number 1 online glasses store that will surely satisfy your needs and wants for your eyes. Prices start at $6.95.

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