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Exploring Chinese Garden in Manila

My weekends are becoming exciting and fun because of the activities that I am doing every Saturday of course with my friends. I remember last Saturday, my friends and I went to Luneta and played badminton (We are trying to live a healthy lifestyle :p). The next Saturday after that, we went to Luneta park again and explored the Chinese Garden hiding in the heart of the park.

The entrance fee is only 5 pesos. After that, you can enjoy yourself and take photographs of the peaceful scenery. You can see families having a good time and some students practicing something for their school even I guess.

Dramatic Chinese Bridge
This Dragon figur on the ceiling of the hallway made me say "Awesome!" again. :p

The romantic place where couples stay. My friends called it the "Geisha" thingy though. :)
If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature but hate going to a crowded place, you can visit Chinese Garden for only 5 pesos. You might want want to bring your own food because there are no food vendors inside the garden.


  1. ayos ah.. mukang maganda dian. sana makabisita ako one day. :)

  2. wow 5 pesos only mukhang sulit talaga sayang lang kasi 4 hours away kami sa manila.

    Btw, pwede ba tayo xlink?


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