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Done Watching Law of Ueki

I never imagined myself watching an anime series again after 5 years. I got hooked up with Animes when I was in Highschool along with my cousin. But when she entered Highschool, she decided to stop watching animes as a sign of maturity or something so I just did the same thing. Naruto was the  first anime that I liked but I became outdated because of so many fillers and episodes so I did not manage to follow the series.
Another one was Law of Ueki. I really like the concept of the story where the main characters have their own super powers--odd super powers like change beads into bombs, change towel into metal, change someone into eyeglass lover and change trash into trees etc...
Law of Ueki-- Law of friendship
The concept of the story revolves around how friendship and finding your justice can make someone strong and defeat even the strongest foe. That no matter what your ability is, no matter how many your skills are as long as you have precious people that you call friends around you, you can achieve all things.

Law of Ueki is the first ever Anime series that I have watched from the beginning up to the end. Its 51 episodes made my schedule so hectic because I need to watch 5 episodes everyday even though I am busy. I am watching this first before answering and reading e mail newsletter. This is also one of the reasons why I barely update my web blogs. *LoL* Since prelims are over, I guess I need to do what I have to do without any disturbances.

Do you like Anime Series? What are your favorites? Did you like Law of Ueki?


  1. ahehehe...maganda yan..tinappos ko din yan before... nakita ko yan sa channel 7 before.. pero sa web ko na tinapos... maganda... :)


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