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Death Bell Movie was Great but has so many names

Death Bell is a korean film that has a very dark and twisted story. If you enjoyed watching Battle Royale, you will definitely enjoy this movie too. Korean movies are the best when it comes to a twisted flow of the story where the viewers will be puzzled about who is the protagonist and antagonist in the story. The climaz and endings might leave you confused or blanks because that is korean films. Which I enjoyed a lot.
Death Bell Movie pictures
Death Bell is about the top students of a school in Korea where they must answer the exam questions correctly. If they commit mistakes, someone will die in a horrible way. Some say that this is like Saw in Korea. The way of killing the victims were good and twisted and bloody as well.

The best things about this movie is the scenes that would scare the hell out of the viewers. The scene where a ghost-like creature at the back of someone but not moving blankets just like here in the Philippines.

What I hate about the film is the names of the casts--There were so many to memorize and distinguish since I am not that familiar with korean names. It took me a lot of time who has been killed or who is he or she. I can't help myself not to pause and backward the film for me to be able to know who is the person behind every name.

Death Bell Kim Bum
Yes, Kim Bum was in the movie. If you are a fan, you must watch Death Bell and see if he is a good guy or a bad guy. ;)

Death Bell has already a part two entitled "Bloody Camp". I have also seen it and it's worth watching for. And I am recommending it to anyone who wants this kind of films.

What can you say about the film?


  1. wow parang gusto ko yan ah... sana may mahanap na torrent na may subtitles na english din. :p

    ang kulet din kasi noh mga halos magkakamuka sila kaya mahirap malaman talaga. :))

  2. i very sad because kim bum dead in ending this film


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