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Work Out for Muscle

If you can still recall my new year’s resolution, I have mention my plan about going to the gym to work out some body muscle because I am tired of this very slim body and being a stickman.

That is why I decided to spend 2 hours every day for me to have some work out. I will be doing some curl-ups, push-ups, and carry dumbbells. I hope I can do this regularly despite the fact that I will be extremely busy for the next months because of my classes for the third term. I am telling you, they are the hardest I guess and this is my first time to take a programming class alone I mean without my friends.

I will update this post for some changes. :D Better watch out!

UPDATE: I can't do it for 2 hours. It's very exhausting! I only lasted for like 1 hour.

Do you have any tips to gain muscle easily? Do you have any workout procedures or routines that you want to share with us? Hit the comment box! It’s free.

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