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Why I Hate Watching Movies in SM Manila?

Today was my first time of experiencing the quality of Cinema in SM Manila. My friends NashMicaell and Ced of OneStopBlogz were with me the whole day and we decided to watch Resident Evil 4. It was only for 15 pesos. Since the movie started at 4:55 PM and we needed to wait for an hour, we decided to go to book sale but I didn’t find what I was looking for.

The cinema room/house was huge and it can occupy a lot of people. We took the middle sits and tried to be comfortable. We were satisfied because we really wanted to sit because we have been walking, running and playing around the metro for the whole day! It was like europe holidays because we did not waste a minute. So this weekend was awesome!

The quality of the movie was not that good. I have watched Resident Evil 4 before on a DVD and my copy of the movie was way better than the one in SM Cinema.

What I hated the most (Ced and Nash hated too) was the audience (not all of them but most of them). They are Over-acting, indecent, loud and awful! I have been to the theaters of Alabang Town Center and I can’t help myself not to compare the ambiance of the place. People kept on talking, laughing, or even shouting while the movie was playing. 

They were not respecting the people who were really paying attention to the movie. If they were in decent cinema house, they might have been killed! *kidding* But I can’t help myself not to think of bad things about them, I wanted to punch them in the face and mutilate their filthy tongue! No, I am not kidding.

The Cinema was good but some of the audience were improper. Mga asal squatter! But the experience was great because I was with some of my friends. Again, thanks for the time Ced and Nash! 


  1. ouch! talaga?? Lam mo ang dati akong naka tira dyan sa San Miguel, Malacanang? 10 years ako dyan at yang SM ay nilalakad lang namin...hehehe

  2. No offense Kat. But I am not mentioning all of the people in the cinema house. :)

  3. Haha, maggots! :P hehehe,

    It wasn't like that to the heavy not to 15 pesos movies, besides, they can't afford those anyway :) haha bad ced.

    B-atch and homies like that deserves some UGH!

  4. Yes, I am very sure. It is the promo of SM cinemas where they show not-so-old movies for just 15 pesos.

  5. 10 peso cinema in SM Manila has become me and my friends' habit to watch. We got pissed at first to experience being with such audiences; howling, laughing, dancing...

    But we eventually got used to it. We just learned to relish the moment and adapt to those people's idea of enjoyment. NEVER go to that cinema if you aim to have an unobtrusive viewing of a movie.

    REMEMBER, most audiences there are students who are mostly teenagers. They go there for fun. It is always a typical "barkada" day. Expect them to be noisy with their friends. And also, the movie costs 15 pesos; anyone can afford those tickets, anyone can come.

    Me and my friends learned to laugh whenever a random stranger made a random joke about the movie. We cackle when an audience from the balcony deliver yo-momma jokes to a random person below. We hoot when someone make a shadow striptease inside the cinema.

    Those people are usually noisy naman if the movie's boring. If the movie's interesting, they are attentive. Just learn to adapt dude, you'll enjoy the movies. :D

  6. I must agree with you dude. I have been watching movies there for like 4 times and I am getting used to those noisy guys and gals there.

    I guess i just over-reacted since that was my first time to be in a noisy cinema house.

  7. No offense but your only watching a 15php movie so expect a lot of students to be there. Most of them are in groups that were just having fun. And besides SM Manila is located in a place near schools.

    If you want to watch a movie with a quiet and nice crowd, might as well watch at gateway mall, glorietta or shangri la.

  8. Better watch yourself out there in SM Cinemas because I have seen lots of pedophiles and psychopaths taking chances in SM cinemas. I have seen an old man entered the Php15 peso cinema and did something nasty in the corner of the cinema house while watching a group of teens (girls). And the 15 peso cinema is now gone coz Ive been there last saturday and it is now 25pesos. Sad thing though that we're not allowed to bring our own snacks but to buy it from their snack bar instead. SM sucks coz they dont give a damn to their customers. I also hate students that takes picture inside the cinema although the cinema has a policy against cameras inside the theaters. Sheesh! What a stupid Chinese mall SM has been. Better watch your movies at Gateway or Ayala cinemas for a comfortable and relaxing experience. Why don't we post hate mails through their FB SM Cinema account so that they will hear our concerns and violent reactions. Add ko pa na ang kupal ng mga staff sa cinema na akala mo sila may ari ng SM especially the guys at the 15Php cinema. So yabang! s SM Manila.

  9. Kung maingay sa SM (15pesos)cinema, huwag kayong magreklamo, kasi nga kinse na nga lang binayad nyo nagrereklamo pa kayo. Kung gusto nyo ng tahimik dun po tayo sa 150php movies, ok?Actually, 25pesos na ngayon ang dating 15pesos movie kaya mas konti na manonood, mas tahimik na. go na! hehe.

  10. felt the same way...khit dun s mga regular movies..moviegoers are not respectful of others who are paying a10 to the movie...much more the cinema itself are comparable to those in quiapo..poor quality..

  11. Yeah. You just get what you paid for.


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