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Today was like the Old Days

Dang! I set my alarm too early. That was the first phrase that I have muttered early in the morning. I did my daily routine before going to school like ironing my clothes, taking a bath, check my email while letting my hair dry then fixing my super awesome hairdo and voila! I am ready to go.

My first class was Data Communication and Networking. I proceeded to my computer and sat while waiting for the others. The sits were being filled with my classmates so do the noise that was surrounding the classroom. Their topic was still the same as before like what happened to the basketball game, the endless DoTA argument, and the girls they met during the holidays. Those conversations were suffocating. Guess what? I nearly died!

I got busy with the adding and dropping of my subjects. As much as possible, I don't want to take any programming classes this term because they are really pain in the a$$. I took PHP/SQL instead because they said that it is easier than Advanced Java plus it has HTML or web thingy that really caught my attention. I never thought that the most strict and not-so-friendly professor in my school will approved my adding and dropping form. Well I guess I was just lucky. ;)

Tomorrow is another day. I will be doing the same old things and will try to find something new... Something interesting. What would that be? 

What about you? What are the things that motivate you to keep going in school? What are the things that you can suggest to me? Hit me up! :D

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