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New Lifestyle: Healthy Saturday

I am now living a new lifestyle and I can say that I am fulfilling my resolution for 2011. One of my resolutions for 2011 is to build up some muscle and be healthy. So me and my friends decided to spend a day doing something healthy like play badminton, walk-trip and bond together.

Rizal Park
This photo was taken at the all new Rizal Park ( the Philippine map). This place was amazing but it was kind of messed up. There were missing islands.

Luneta Park
Luneta is more civilized now. We didn't spot a hobo or something. This would be a great place to go jogging.

I love this shot. This photo was from the open theater at Luneta park.
That day was awesome and I am sure that we all had fun. We are now planning to jog at luneta again this coming Saturday with some other friends. Can't wait! I also invited my mom to have a new lifestyle and she said "Yes". Maybe we can go jog next month.

Are you living a new lifestyle? What are the "new" things or routine you do for a change?

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  1. the last we are in luneta park was 3 years ago i think ... have you check my new blog already please visit HERE thanks a lot.


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