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New Directions

While riding a bus from Baguio to Manila yesterday, a great idea came to me regarding my online career. I have been blogging for a year and several months and I must say that my earnings every month are just the same. This is because I became so busy with things that don’t really matter.

Now, I came up with an idea that I will do this coming days. I also quitted my online job where I need to spin some articles. I got paid twice in peso but they were not sufficient for my plans and needs. I decided to be a boss of my own online business. I will write my original article and I will earn money with that. How? With what? That would be a secret for now. I will be revealing soon when I got paid bigger amount and if there are changes in my earnings.

 Out of the Topic:

I got surprised because of the package that I received a while ago. These are the books that Brian leaf gave to me. As a return, I need to write a book review for him. Thank you very much Brian! 


  1. I thought this was a glee post XD

    Haha, thanks, found it on newbloggertemplates.

    Deej! I already broke the 4th code in my code of ethics, please do visit it in my blog to know what i'm talking about :)

  2. Your those bloggers who are an

    "Exemption to the rule" well, my rule XD

    haha, the cbox comeback thingy is a thought alright, but.. err.. haha XD

  3. goodluck with your online career! looking forward on revealing your recent online job. :))

  4. Thanks sis! Goodluck din sa career mo. :] Especially sa mga racket mo online. hehe

  5. Good luck to your plan deej. just buzz me when you need help on spending your earnings. i'll be the first to apply. hehehe. :)


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