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Name That Movie Book Review

Yesterday, I got back from a very long vacation for holidays. I got surprised with the package from Virginia on my bed. I hurriedly opened it and found two books. Then I recalled that Brian Leaf sent me his books. As a return, I must feature the book on my blog.

Name That Movie is the title of his books. This is not your typical vocabulary dictionary but with a twist. It features scenes from different movies like American Pie, The Simpsons, Shrek, and a lot more. The books are divided by two categories; The Comedy and Action Edition and Romantic Comedy and Drama Edition.

The Book :)
Name That Movie Book by Brian Leaf
Who would have thought that you can ace your SAT, ACT, GED, and GRE by watching movies? And I never thought that I could expand my vocabulary by watching American Pie! Funny but true.

I opened the book and scanned the pages. I must say that Brian Leaf really did a great job with his books. He compiled great movies that can easily familiarize the readers of all ages.

The weak point of this book is it doesn’t include the proper pronunciation of each word. So you have to grab your dictionary if you want to pronounce the word correctly. But this is understandable because we are dealing with written exams in SAT or the others so there is no need for the proper pronunciation. But it would be perfect if he includes it.

All in all, Name That Movie is a very helpful book for students and also to people who want to expand their vocabulary that they can use in their exams or the way they communicate with other people.

Again, Thank you Brian Leaf for the free copy of the books!

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