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My Stay at SM Homes in Baguio City

Baguio City is one of my favorite destinations here in the Philippines because of its unique weather compared to other cities. A traveler’s stay in one place won’t be complete and satisfying without a good place to stay and spend their cold days and nights.

There are hundreds if not thousands of hotels or rooms in Baguio City but they are not that cheap. You can see cheap hotels or rooms there but you will never be assured that it can make you comfortable during your stay. So it would be better to pay more with high-rated hotels and rooms in Baguio City.

SM Homes in Baguio City will definitely suit your taste but this is only available for relatives of a person who is working in SM malls with a position. That is the reason why we stayed here during the holidays.
Some of the wood carvings in the living room
I found them fascinating and mysterious.
It has 2 bedrooms, 1 comfort room, a kitchen, and a living room that can be converted to a bedroom. It can occupy 10 people in one cottage. The water supply is continuous. All in all, SM Homes in Baguio City is a good place to stay with the rest of the gang. 
SM Baguio is just a walk away
The cottages are covered with tall pine trees. Such a refreshing view.
In addition, the guards and house-keepers are working hard to secure and make the whole place more inviting; they also give you a VIP treatment like the free car park in SM Baguio.


  1. We usually visit Baguio every summer, i think i visited SM baguio for 3-4 times but i have no idea about SM homes .. anyway salamat sa pag share.

  2. @NASH

    Alam ko hindi pwede or mas mahal ang fee.

  3. I love Baguio too! Just followed your blog Deej.

  4. Hi can u please give me the contact no. Where i could make reservations? I am presently an Smdc employee


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