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My Hometown: Zambales

I spent the holidays in Zambales which is my hometown. I grew up there with my grandparents and this place taught me a lot of things. This place knows a lot about me~even the most bitter part of my life. So I decided to take pictures of the places that I love the most in my hometown. I will only post the best ones.
The back of my room
See the mountain? That is my mountain. LoL! The vacant lot is a sign of changes. There are bulldozers and trucks working there to gather sands. They cut the tall grasses that are producing flowers like dandelion has. I don't understand why they allowed this thing to happen? Argh! Just a fact, The mountain there can say if it is gonna rain or not. If it is, the mountain will just disappear (covered with thick clouds). I am serious!
Wood on the sea shore
This is kind of dramatic to me. I am proud that this photo was taken by me using my phone. :p I haven't bathed on the beach because it was already dark and cold so me, my cousin and sister just took bunch of jump shots. I have posted some on my facebook account.
I spent my high school days here
This is where I spent my high school days. From the shy-type boy who was loved by the Admin staffs of this University (RMTU) from a geek kid who loves to hang-out with other geek kids. This school gave so much memories to me. Yes, High school is still the best. I must say, the easy one. :)


  1. whoa san ka sa zambales? may kilala akong taga gapo. dba nasa zambales yun? :P

  2. @MEI I am from Cabangan, Zambales. That is a 2 hour drive from Olongapo City. Yes, Olongapo is a part of Zambales pa din. :)

  3. Parang ang tahimik sa lugar nyo ;-) And talaga? Cool naman ni Mr. mountain. Pwede naring weather mountain :P

    Peace po ^_^

  4. @MARY Yep. It is so silent out there. Puro bukid kasi which is the opposite of living in the city. :D

  5. Hello! Thanks for dropping by. IT student ka rin po ba? :)

  6. @KRISTINA Yup. IT student po ako. :) Anyway, You are welcome. :)

  7. Whoa, this is what molded the "SuperDeej" we know and love XD

    Kainggit, dapat pla nung umuwi ako dati sa province nag pic pic din ako haha.

    Oh please do send it :) (the pics) :)

  8. @CED This silent town molded me. :) Thankss! I will PM you on FB with the pics.


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