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How many blog post can I publish here in Blogspot?

My entertainment blog has 477 blog posts today while this blog, my very own semi-personal blog has 204 posts. I am wondering if what is the exact or maximum amount of blog post that I can publish here on Blogspot. Is there any limit? I mean if you reached the maximum amount of blog post, then you can't publish a blog post anymore unless you delete your old posts?

Sometimes, I want to post more than 3 blog posts a day because my mind is very unpredictable but the thought of reaching the maximum blog post is limiting me from posting lots of blog post per day.

How many blog post do you have on your account? Is there really a maximum amount of blog post we can publish here on blogspot?


  1. Aw! Is there such a thing as maximum posts? :( Ngayon ko lang nalaman toh.. :(

  2. I am not sure if there is really such a thing Nash eh. Pero sana wala.

  3. Yup, ako rin ngayon ko lang nalaman meron ba? if meron ka nakuha info deej place share to us tagal ko na sa blogspot at dami na post bka isang araw hndi n ako makpag post!

  4. Sige Mona. I will update this post if my answer na ako na nakuha. :D


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