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Home-Alone Again :|

Maybe my mom is now eating a fine dinner along with her friends in Subic Zambales while I am writing this blog post. She will stay there for the whole week to unwind and spend her vacation. In short, I will be home-alone again. I am kind of used to it and I kinda like it because I can do whatever I want. :)

The bad thing? I keep on imagining the characters from the horror movies that I have watched before like some white ladies, korean ghosts/ spirits and most of all, Shomba from the movie Coming Soon! It means sleepless night! As much as possible, I don't want to see anything scary although I love those kind of stuffs.

I will probably stay online and do some online tasks and read some notes for our quiz tomorrow. I will keep myself busy for me to stay SANE!

Do you want to be Home-Alone? What are you doing if you are all alone for a week?


  1. I love being home alone! haha

  2. If I were alone for a whole week, I'd probably just spend the time gaming, making games and also blogging. Since that's pretty much all I do when at home anyway.

    I enjoy having the house to myself. I just put on some music, or maybe a movie, and spend the day just relaxing in a nice quiet house.


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