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DeejSpeaks is now PR3! How Come?

I am so happy to say that this personal blog is now a PR3 blog! After 6 months of waiting for this to happen, I can say that I did great for the past few months. If you are not aware about our blog’s page rank have been updated, maybe it is time for you to find out if you got any.

What are the things that I did to get a PR3?

First off, I am not a guru about this topic. I just want to share that things that I did for me to have another PR3 blog.

Publish quality blog post. A quality blog post is not composing of thousands of words but how you explain things using pithy sentences. 250 words are enough.

Recall your previous topics. When you are writing something, try to recall your previous topics by linking them to your recent posts. As much as possible, use the links of your blog posts last year or the previous month as long as they are related to each other.

Exchange links with other bloggers. Make sure that you only link up with the blogs that have the same topic as yours. If your blog is about gadgets then link up with tech blogs. It is better to have few links in your blog roll than to have hundreds of them but all mixed up.

Drop some comments. Make sure you post your best comment! Because if you will just say “Awesome!” or “Thanks for sharing!”, you will end up receiving the same format of comments. Blog commenting on blogs with high PR can also make some difference.

Those are the things I did over and over again. I am really thankful to have this ranking on my personal blog!

PS: I am still open for link exchange, make sure that we have the same topic okay? Hit the comment box!

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  1. Congrationlations. I am happy with mine too (3 PR#s and 1 P#2). Hooray for Mr. G.


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