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Clouds and the Gnome House

Some of my friends went again to Luneta to exercise and stay fit. But instead of jogging or playing something, everything turned into unexpected and unplanned events due to the very hot sunny day. 
I got amazed by these clouds.
Oh yeah! This is the Gnome House at the Chinese Garden.
Another cloud photograph
I got bunch of awesome photos on my mobile phone and I can't wait to share them with you guys. I am gonna share our pics that were taken at the Manila Zoo and more in Luneta Park. Right now, I just want to hit the bed and relax. Good night you all! Have a peaceful one!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful creation indeed. Loving it! I am into photography too but very amateur though. And oh, i followed you. Hope u can follow me too. Thanks.

  2. haha biglaang pictures. XD
    buti naiisipan nio mag exercise haha ako tamad ako gawin yan XD

  3. wow, i am eager to see sunshine, lately maulan dito eh visit me back hehe


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