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Am I a Clairsentient? Is there such a thing?

I have been browsing the internet while sitting in the Physics class of my friend then I found something about Emphatic. I searched some information about it and found out that I am not an emphatic person. Emphatic is a person who can feel the feeling or emotion of every person he or she interacts with. It may drain his or her energy if he/she can’t control it.

Clairsentience is more related to emphatic. The difference of the two is clairsentient people can only sense the emotion of people that he or she is related to.

My question is am I a Clairsentient? I can feel the emotion of some people around me just like yesterday. 

I was with 3 of my friends and we were strolling at the mall then the girlfriend of one of my friends joined us. We were at the bookstore and reading some stuffs then I felt that his girlfriend was bored and not comfortable. I knew that she wanted to get the heck out of the bookstore with her boyfriend. I wanted to tell them that they could leave us and have a great time together but I did not do that. After 20 minutes, they waved goodbye and left us at the bookstore (What a relief). I just can’t stand the feeling of feeling someone’s feelings. It’s so uncomfortable.

Is it a sign of being a clairsentient? Or I am just thinking so hard and that is the reason why my mind to came up with those thoughts. Yesterday was not the first time I experienced it.

PS: Some of you might think I am crazy or anything but I didn't write this post for unbelievers. If you don't believe this, you can close this tab and never return.

If you are a clairsentient who came and read this post. You can enlighten me. Thanks!


  1. oh really? I never thought that there are really people like that.

  2. @DIANNE I do believe that there are people exist with this kind of ability. I am open for everything.

  3. There are indeed people like that friend..
    I feel your definition between the two is`nt accurate,my understanding is a Clairsentient may also `feel` other people that they are connected too regardless of distance..


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