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Addicted to Misfits TV Series

I am thanking my cousin for introducing me this TV series. She is watching it for a week now and she enjoys it a lot. Yesterday, I decided to watch the first episode and I got addicted to it. I can’t help myself but to click the next series after the other. Now, I can’t do much. :)

Misfits is a TV series from Europe so it is normal to have a hard time to understand what they are saying but that will be temporary and you will get used to it after watching several episodes.

Misfits is a story of 5 teenagers (trouble-makers) who got struck by a lightning and got their super powers from that. It sounds cliché but it is not. It is more awesome than American TV series that have the same genre. Trust me. I rarely watch TV series. Their powers are: Telekinesis, invisibility, can turn back time, immortality, and my favorite, the power to stimulate someone’s behavior towards S3x. Awesome right?

What are you waiting for? Watch Misfits online now and be addicted too. LoL


  1. thanks for sharing deej i have no idea about this series good to know from you!

  2. It's my pleasure mona. :) Try to watch the first episode. It's good. I am on the second season na.


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