The Guy Who Fell in Love with a Pie

This is my upcoming short story for my World Literature class. We are required to write or compose our own short story about everything. This will be our completion for our final grades on this class and I find it so interesting. I never wrote a short story before so I am enjoying it now. It is so challenging to trigger my mind with things. I never thought that I can be so descriptive with the events or details regarding my short story.

"The Guy Who Fell in Love with a Pie". That is the title of my story. A story about a 19 year old guy who never fell in love so deep. But the girl is not a human--It is a talking lovely pie.

Watch out for the adventures of Kyle and Amanda as they fight for their feeling and obstacles about their love. Would a Man to Pie relationship succeed? 

Wait for this story because I am not done yet. But this will be a good one. Trust me! ;)

A Peaceful Walk

From Building F

I never thought that walking alone can give me this kind of feeling. The photo above was taken after my job interview last Saturday in Pasay. I was on my way to MoA to meet my friends who were with me at that time.

When Forgiveness and Pride Collide

Forgiveness is something you give to a certain person or group of persons who hurt your feelings. Sounds easy right? All you have to do is accept the apology and forgive him, talk for a minute and everything would be back to normal. But what if, pride intervene? This is another long story.

Shomba from the movie Coming Soon scared the hell out of me!

Although I have a very busy schedule because of the coming events in school, I am still able to take time to watch a film every night. I have watched Saw 7 and for the people who wants to read my review about it,  you can read it by clicking the link provided.

Last night, I decided to watch the movie entitled Coming Soon. It is a Thai film and was shown on the cinemas here the metro last month. Just so you know, I am huge fan of Korean and Thai horror films because they are real good.

Not Cool!

I thought I am gonna enjoy this day because it starts well like singing a NeverShoutNever song while preparing for school and everything was well but it never lasts. My professor in my Ethics class said that we must group ourselves into 10 for our final requirement on his subject. We will going to report and make a study about certain topics regarding the application of ethics to IT world.

While I am meditating and choosing someone to be in my group, there are people behind me who wrote random members and they included me! So they passed it and declared that I am gonna be their leader. Another WTF moment right? After that, they are saying that I can do it alone because they are too busy for their other major subjects. Another thing is they were the ones who chose our topic which is "Privacy".

Movies to Watch

I have tons of awesome films now and I am so excited to watch them. I bought them in Quiapo a while ago (oh come on! Let us be practical.) So here is the list of the movies that I bought. 

Saw 7
Saw 7 Movie Poster

Not Fair Teletech!

Today, I went to Pasay to attend my final interview for a job at TeleTech. But what I had was not just a simple interview but a simulation exam. It is like a series of exams that will test your skills in computer literacy, attentiveness, and evaluation of every callers.

Guess what. I passed the simulation exam! It was announced at exactly 1:00PM and I have to go back at 2:00PM for my final interview.

During my final interview, the interviewer said that I must choose what to prioritize. If I want a job, then I must stop studying because they are not accepting any part-time jobs (of course I won't stop studying!) My mom can support me and I am earning money from my blogs!. So they said that if I changed my mind.

Job Interview Tomorrow

A while ago, me along with some members of the English Society decided to fill-out the form for a job in TeleTech. At first, it was just like a "trip" or just for fun. We just want to try our skills when it comes to an actual job interview.

So we fill out a form and made our account on a certain website (I forgot what it is) then after 15 minutes I got interviewed. I am a little bit scared because someone in our society passed the initial interview so it is not cool if I can't get in right? If I won't, then this will be the headline of our school paper: "Vice President of English Society Did Not pass a Job Interview!". 

Why LegitBucks Sucks?

I am not writing this because I hate AvatarLady who blogs at LegitBucks. It is because I am joining her first blog contest and the participants are obliged to write something about Why LegitBucks Sucks! So don't be so mad at me okay? I am just doing what I have to do for the sake of the contest.
So Why LegitBucks Sucks?

It took me forever before I noticed something that can prove to everybody that LegitBucks sucks. I am aware that I might hurt the owner of the blog. Since she admits that she sucks in blogging then that is the time that I triggered the devil side of me to unleash everything that can  say that LegitBucks really sucks!

1-UTAK is pushing Air-Conditioned Jeepney in the Metro

According to the news, 1-UTAK party list has a new project. It is to replace old jeepneys with new, larger, and air-conditioned jeepneys in the Metro. They said that this will bring more convenience to the people and it will also lessen the pollution in the city.
A Typical Jeepney
The jeepney that they are promoting is larger than the typical jeepney. It can occupy more passengers and it will be like a mini-bus. The good thing is, it is air-conditioned!

I Support BlankPixels on a Card-Making Contest!

Christmas is really in the air so do blog contests. As a friend of Mhel also-known-as BlankPixels here in the blogosphere, I am currently supporting her entry for the card-making contest of Sulit.

I'm supporting blankPixels' entry to Sulit's Christmas card-making contest. Click here for more details.

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Celebrate Christmas 2010 with, the leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

Best of luck to us Ate Mhel! I am looking forward for the prizes. :)

Deej Goes To The Fort!

Yesterday, me and mom went to Cavite from the Metro to spend our weekend with my Aunts and cousins. We left the house at exactly 6:30 AM and took a long ride. We traveled for like 3 and a half hours before we got their.

When we got there, I was shocked because they were all prepared to go out. Then my cousin said that I should change my clothes so I could come. The problem is I don't have something to wear. I did not bring any pants or decent clothes to wear because I did not anticipate that we will go out. My Aunt said "It's okay, it is just Serendra so it is ok for you to come". 

I am so tired

Hello guys! I became so occupied today because I spent my day with some of my relatives. We went to Bonifacio High Street aka The Fort and had a lot of fun. The thing is I went their without taking a bath and I just wore a simple tee-shirt, khaki short, and a flip-flops ~ That was so "yagit" looking! 

I will post a more detailed blog post about that tomorrow. Right now, I am so tired that I can't do my daily routine. All I want to do is hit the bed and go to wonderland.

Goodnight folks!

PS: I received a lot of comments today and I am not publishing them yet. I will do that tomorrow and I promise that I will also leave my comments on your blogs. Thank you awesome people!

Past is Past~I am here to forget

There are things or people in our lives that we need to forget. This is because of the things that happened between the two of you or you just need some space. Some people cannot easily do that. I know it is pretty hard.

I talked to one of my friends last night on facebook and he is trying to make things right. He said that either one of us should fix the sh!t or nothing will happen at all. I don't know why he is affected but one thing is for sure. What he did is amazing and the last line that he said really got me.

The Hardest Decision Ever!

Sometimes in our life, we have to decide something for ourselves. We have to decide real fast because of the circumstances in our life. Sometimes, it is just a simple yes or a no but that decision will really make a big difference.

I kind of hate this thing. I don't want to decide for myself that often because I am not used to it. Usually, my mom always decide for me because I trust her and I know that she wants all the best for me. I know this sounds like I am a 100% momma's boy but I don't care. It is better to have someone beside you when you are making decisions for yourself.

But a while ago, I made the hardest decision ever! I was on my way to school. I was wearing my uniform with my ID and was about to open the gate when a hard rainfall approached my way. It scuks you know! So what I did was I sat down and tried to wait until the rain stop but it haven't.

So I decided not to go to school anymore. I went upstairs and grabbed something to eat. I also watched a horror film (I watched "The Uninvited"). My day won't be complete without sleeping. I am always sleepy these past few days. Gotta go now!

Looking Forward

Midterm is up and I am getting lazy again. This is so me because I feel like everything is so repetitive again like I am doing the same thing everyday. I am studying the same subjects everyday and I am so fed up. I want to make everything in a fast-forward.

But I am looking forward for a lot of good things that will come my way this coming holiday season. First would be my birthday, this will be on December 4 and I can't wait. I am planning to have a party with my friends because I know that they need this. It is also a good time to get along with some of my good old friends who stopped studying for a while.

Next would be the much awaited Christmas season! My blog readers do know how excited I am because of my previous blog posts about it. We will be going to Baguio with the whole clan. Plus the big wedding that will change everything in the family.

So those are the things that are keeping me to go on with my life as a student. Midterm Exams will be on 17 and I have to work on it. See you in my next posts fellas! :D

Busy as a Bee!

I hate to say this but I am busy again. I am in the middle of the term and it is keeping me busy everyday. We always have homeworks and I have to finish and submit them on time. The problem is there are certain softwares that I must install to my laptop for me to make one homework such as Adobe Flash and Oracle.

My problem now is I don't have an Oracle because my flash drive was corrupted yesterday and I was not able to install it first. So I can't pass any homework tomorrow. Maybe I will just make it up on our next homework.

I gotta go now, I need to review for my first subject tomorrow. Please read my official entry to BlankPixel's blog contest here: When I Change, Everything Changes!

When I Change, Everything Changes

It looks like change is following me this past few days. I have noticed that there are things that already changed in my life. Changes that brought me new enemy, and made me realized that old friends are better than  few that I just met. Now, I am writing a blog post for a blog contest that features the "Changes in my Life".

What I did is spent a day alone and in peace. Tried to reminisce the old days when hatred and anger flow in my veins. Sadness and loneliness are my best friends and living a shitty life (sorry for the word but that is the perfect adjective to describe my life before).

From Nobody To Somebody

The Scene
It was 2008 when I entered college here in Metro Manila. My mom decided to enroll me in an Institute that has something to do with computer stuffs. I was a Computer Engineering back then. Guess what, I did not enjoy it.

Maybe I was a little bit new in the city and I did not embrace the changes that easy. It took me 6 months before I fully realized that I am in college and I have to deal with everything --Whether it is good or bad.

Hello Darkness!
The time I embraced the changes in my life, that was also the time when darkness devoured my life as well. I hated everything. I hated life.

I hated to meet new people and go out. I just want to stay at home and do nothing. That was the most boring day of my life. No friends, no life at all.

Then problems have tested my emotions. I had enough and decided to put everything to an end. But I guess it was not my time yet. I think there are so much things for me to unfold. All I have to do is change my perceptions in life and stay on the positive side.

The Change
My mom noticed what I am dealing with on that Institute so she decided to find me another school. Yes! I transferred to another school. This time, it is a private one. I am no longer a Computer Engineering, but an Information Technology student up until now.

Since I want a new life. I gave it a shot. I tried to smile and opened my hearts for new people. After a month of studying to my new school, I have met awesome people. People I called friends.

I learned to trust and respect everyone. I also got what I really deserve.

I Embraced Change, Change Embraced Me
After embracing change in my life and decided to live a positive life, I discovered a lot of good things. New doors opened and they are for the good.

I feel like I am growing everyday and I am assured that I am walking on the right path. The things that I am doing now is making me complete and productive.

I can now say that I am someone. I have overcome darkness and I will never go back on the four corner of my life. I will not be stagnant again ever!

I Support Thirty on 30 Blog Contest!

Listen up people! I just want to invite you to BlankPixel's aka Mhel blog contest as a celebration for her 30th birthday. I am not just joining this but I also support it. I am one of the general sponsors of this event and I am so proud of it.

If you want to interact with a lot of bloggers then I suggest that you must join in. 300 USD is the total amount of the prizes except for cellphone loads, shirts, and SM GCs (Ms. Mhel is very generous!)

Below is the complete list of the over all sponsors in the said contest. This is like a league of supportive and generous blogger friends.

blankPixels' Thirty on 30 Blog Contest to celebrate her 30th birthday and Just Another Pixel's second anniversary!

I Am a Vampire! ;)

Guess what guys! I am still sick! This started last Friday.  The bad thing is I lost my appetite! I just can't eat that much. Everytime I think of food, I feel like puking. ARGH! I don't know what is wrong with me.

If you have a remedy with this, please do leave your comment! Our school paper will be revealed this coming Friday and I need to be there!
Or maybe, I am a vampire! *LoL*
I am a vampire! :D

I Love The Way You Lie Relaxing Version

Hello! Since I am still sick, I just decided to post a quickie post. My brain is not functioning well maybe because of the meds that I am taking every six hours. So I hope you will understand me. I will be posting a decent blog post soon. 

Just wanna share this video from youtube about the cover of "I love the way you lie" with a very good rendition. It is very calming and relaxing. I like it better.

I am sick

Hello! I hate doing this. Posting a blog post that is meaningless. Just want you to know that this is just a quick post because I can't stay in front of the computer because I am sick. I have a fever and I hate it! 

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