Mission Accomplished! ~Wait! There's More!

I am so happy that I have accomplished something today. Aside of having a lot of movies here in my room waiting for me to watch, I still finished something. Thanks to the application that I have downloaded on OVI to remind me of the things that I need to do. I am such a big fan of sticky notes. *wink*

My mission on my blog has been accomplished! I changed the theme and injected some plugins. It took me 3 straight hours to finish everything. Visit Llama's Journal to see what made me busy.

I guess my mission is no yet over. There are some things that I need to do like submitting my blog to site directories, find an online job and watch a horror film! ;)\

Speaking of a horror film, I made a Mirror 2 Movie Review. I have watched it last night and it was so awesooooooooome! It is better than the first one. 

Have to go now. I am suffering from an extreme headache! :(

What are the effects of Blog Directories to our Blog?

I spent my idle time on Facebook searching for free blog directories so I can add up my blog and have cool badges. There are some bloggers who are asking what are the effects of submitting your blog to site directories out there. Is there an impact? The answer would be yes! Below are my opinions about adding your blog on a blog directory.
Shout out Loud!

  1. Blog Exposure - Blog directories are composed of many other blogs all over the world. It is like you are showing them what you have got and flaunting your blog to others. Be unique and stand out.
  2. New Readers - If bloggers from all over the world saw your blog, they might find it interesting and it may appeal to them. By this, you will get and meet bloggers who will be your friends or just a simple reader. Exchange thoughts with them and don't be afraid to interact with them. Bloggers are all friendly and awesome!
  3. Back links - Back links are the most essential part or ingredient of our blog. This will increase our rank in the blogosphere. You and your blog will be on demand if you have a high rank. Trust me. I have been there. *wink*
  4. Awesome Badges - Yes! I am an avid fan of badges (I think they are cute). I love putting them on my sidebar. Some of the blog directories are forcing you to add their badge on your blog so they can approve your blog. Some are optional. But either way, I am getting all of them.
If you want to add your blog on different blog directories for free, you can click my badges on my sidebar. 

What do you think? Did I forget to mention anything? Please share it with us!

Bursting with Ideas

Have you ever felt this feeling? The feeling of having a lot of ideas in your mind and all you want to do is make them happen because you are afraid to lose them and do nothing about it. Well I am like that right now. I am bursting with so much thoughts, plans and ideas. Regarding school, personal issues, and online life.
Bursting with Ideas
My first step would be going back from the start. I am talking about blogging. I am going back from where I have come from like my main reason why I am blogging. My mind became so greedy with a lot things and I came to the point of giving up. And I won't let that happen.

In school, I would focus more. FOCUS!

Well maybe you have noticed my new template right? I know it is kinda girly. I just love soft colors. It is not yet done I will be putting widgets and inject some SEO for traffic maybe on weekends. I also updated my blogroll. Visit it to check if you are still there. I need more links pa. :)

You will see the changes that I want to apply with my blogs ASAP! 

Fingers Crossed

Yesterday or the other day, I blog about searching for an online part-time job. I have found few then created my own account to access my account and to submit my resume as well. It is really good to have a clean and meaningful resume. Like a resume that is filled with essential information that are telling your future boss who you are or what are your expertise.

Looking for an Online Job

I spent my day searching for an online job and luckily found two of them. I already created my own account and have submitted my resume to them. I am now waiting for their emails regarding the job that they want me to finish.

Random Thoughts-Got nothing to write

This will be my escape for a time like this. My mind is so blank and I can't think of an interesting topic to blog about. Maybe its because of a shocking event that happened to me yesterday (it has something to do with my online life).

New Blogroll Project

I know that this post about my new blogroll project is kinda late because I was busy yesterday. I did a lot of things and spent a lot of my time watching glee. I am offering a new blogroll on my other blog. Follow the link if you want to be listed on my new blogroll. This is my second blogroll by the way because I have a blogroll or link list of BC Bloggers 4.

I want to gain Weight!

Yes! I want to gain wait and I want it bad! I am willing to do everything just to have some fats on my body. I know it sounds weird because I asked this question to an International forum website and they were all shocked. They said that there are a lot of people who are willing to do everything just to lose weight but here I am asking the opposite question.

Facial Treatment at FaceLine

Yesterday, my Mom and I went to Caloocan to have our facial treatment because her office mate said that there is a dermaclinic who offers cheap services to its customers. The bad thing is her officemate haven't specify the name and location of the said clinic so we walked all around the place to search for a dermaclicnic. So we found Faceline. Faceline is the name of the clinic and you find it at the fourth floor of a mall beside Victory Mall in Caloocan City.

Goodbye iconio

Want to know what the hell is ? Well maybe 99% of people doesn't know it because I made up that word for our school paper. This is a combination of the word ICON and CONIO. Icon because it is a mascot or the thing that represents our college (We are the icons). While conio is just a keyword I guess in C programming (Well one of the header files).

The whole member of the School Organ voted for it. More than 10 unique names were listed on the board and each one of use voted for the most appealing name for our paper. Luckily, wins! The publication has spoken. They have chosen .

The Package Has Arrived!

I am happy to announce that the item that I bought from my first eBay transaction has arrived! I bought the item on October 10, 2010 and it's arrived today October 13 so it took the package 1 week before it got here in my house.

What Do You Think of HYIP?

I am planning to invest some money on HYIP sites. I have bookmarked a lot of them and trying to study or investigate if they are legit or not. If you are not familiar with HYIP or High Yield Investment Program. These are websites that will double the money that you invested but investing money on this site is very tricky. So better invest money that is not that big so when they became a scam site, it wouldn't hurt a lot.

Look What I Found in the Closet!

It is not a Top Man or a brand new Calvin Klein shirt but this thing is really amazing and shocking at the same time. And NO, I am not even referring to the closet that I have in my room. I am talking about my online closet~ My very own blogger account.

Busy Day

Today, I was about to go to school for the tryouts for dancing. But I decided not to go because I am not needed there. I have no idea why did they want me to go. I will just stand and watch them dance there by the way. So I didn't go. 

My Disgust to Sun Broadband Wireless!

Note: This is just another rant regarding the service of Sun Broadband Wireless. Heavy and dark emotions are present on this blog post. This is my second rant about sun wireless broadband by the way. 

It was the first week of February when I decided to buy myself a Sun Broadband Wireless for my studies and to continue my blogging career as well (I was connecting to free wi-fi signals to my neighbors before). I purchased their Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 799. It means I have to pay 799 pesos a month for unlimited internet connection for the whole month. Their service was quite okay for their first 5 months but now, it sucks!

DeejSpeaks is on Entrecard!

This blog is running for like 4 months now and everything is going fine and very smooth. Traffics are okay and the readers that my blog have are very responsive and kind. You know who you are and I am thanking you guys from the bottom of my heart. This blog also entered the world of advertising last month and it really helps my blog's performance. I am now thinking whether I pay for my own web host or not. There are pros and cons so I am having second thoughts.

My First Ebay Transaction

I don't blog for nothing. That is the reason why I am blogging up until now. There are so many people kept on asking me this same question: Why are you still blogging? And I already answered that question long time ago. Money is a good reward from blogging. You write quality contents then you will get paid. That is what I like in blogging too.

I Support Carlos Celdran

Politics and Religion cannot be contained or mixed in one place. They are like oil and water that cannot be combined. Their views and opinions on certain things will never be logically equivalent. Religion or the church itself must back-off on the issues about the Government because they are making everything complicated. They are trying to manipulate and persuade every people in the society.

Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night

I am a huge fan of Paranormal Activity movie. I love the concept, the twists, and the endings. Right now, I am waiting for the second part of the said film. I have watched the trailer and it was so awesome! They must prove to the viewers that the sequel will make justice to the first part of the movie. They must and should be good for us especially me or else I will give them a very bad review just what I did to The Last Exorcism that really sucks.

The Last Exorcism Movie Review

I was so so eager to watch this film before and I was so willing to pay hundred bucks just to see it on the big screen but never had the chance. When I was able to have a free time during the weekend and have my money in my pocket, the film is not available in the cinemas anymore. They left me no choice but to buy a DVD of The Last Exorcism. I watched it with my cousin just now and this is our review about the movie.

I Have a New Phone :)

I know this is a very advanced birthday gift for me neither a Christmas  gift. Either way, I am super happy and contented for what I have. I know that you guys are aware that I terribly need a new phone right now because I miss using this kind of device. Although I have 2 phones now (N73 and Sony Ericsson K550i), both of them are about to die. I am using them to listen some good music and as an alarm clock too. But I still love them. They provided me their services for like a year or two.

On The Brightside

This week was not that good. Although I tried my best to start my week with a positive thoughts and doing something cool like watching Glee. ;) Then I also discovered something weird about me. Wanna know it? I just became a huge Muscovado Sugar Monster and it was awesome! I kinda like it though.
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