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Nothing Has Changed

Should I go? I haven’t seen them for a year! Maybe I should go. What if they have changed? Okay, I am going.

That was what I thought after hearing that my batch mates in high school is organizing a reunion or I must say party after Christmas. It took me hours before I came up with a decision. Yes, I attended the party.

My house is like the farthest amongst them all. They are living in the same area unlike me who needs to travel a 30 to 40 minute drive before I get there (there is no traffic). The route was still the same. The trees, grasses, houses were still located at the exact place just like the old days. Except for the new establishments like the water refilling station from nowhere. Maybe the owner doesn’t know how to take surveys or feasibility before putting up a business. *none of my business*

Thoughts were running in my head’s veins and at the same time, I was feeding my eyes with the natural beauty of the place. I was also reminiscing the past without paying attention with the girls beside me in the jeepney. They were talking loudly and one of them shouted her email account; maybe that was her facebook account. But I did not give a damn. I am not interested.

The roads became shorter I supposed. But that was impossible. After 30 minutes, I was on the venue. My old friends were there. They all became taller but not gained weight. Maybe it’s because of the stress from college.

We caught up things. We talked about random stuffs; from the shitty ones to good ones. I can’t help myself not to be so sentimental. I wanted to bring the old days. We had so much fun. But I am starting to forget some of them.

Our appearances have changed but deep within us, are the memories that no one can erase. Not even time.  

I am glad I attended the reunion. I want more of it. Maybe next Christmas vacation? If I am still here.


  1. Nicee din ang mga reunion noh?

    At nasan ka naman next year? =)

  2. @TSINA

    I never thought that reunion can be that fun. :)

    I am not sure eh. Pwedeng dito sa pinas or abroad. No one knows. :D


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