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A Night Full of Fun

Last night, December 22nd, Our college had its Christmas celebration at the Causeway Bar and Restaurant in Quezon City. The theme of the event is "wear a cartoon character tee-shirt". The theme is all about childhood. We are maturing day by day and the things that we are are achieving are countless. But childhood is the root of all this, and we want to bring back the old days. The day when we were kids.

 I wore a gray shirt that I bought in SM Manila. Elmo was printed their. Since I knew that someone might wear the same shirt like mine, I did some tweak and wore a long sleeve beneath my shirt so it's more fashionable.
Me with some of my friends
Me again with friends
The foods were good although I was not familiar with the menu, I still enjoyed it. I ate all of them with curiosity. *LoL* I just hated the feeling of nervousness because after the dinner, we had our presentation and I was so nervous. Basically, I did not ate that much.
Grab your own food! :)
Our presentation was a success! I can't believe that I did those things in front of my schoolmates and professors. I danced, walked in a ramp, and poured a water on my face (like a model). We have a video on youtube but I won't post it here. :p

After the party, I slept in my friend's house since he was all alone (We were 3). We decided to grab some snacks and a bottle of beer and watched "Van Wilder". It was totally a night full of fun! 


  1. haha naaalala ko yung "make your profile pic a cartoon character" in facebook recently LOL pero nice theme ha :) Merry christmas :D


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