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New Profile in Facebook Features

Facebook Wallpaper
As I open my Facebook account, I noticed the notifications abut my friends having their new profile. I thought that they just updated some details regarding their profiles but I was wrong. I guess Facebook is testing another move to have something new this coming yuletide season. I haven't updated my profile yet (thinking that it is still on beta ;])

I tried to view my friend's profile who got his new profile and I saw the difference. The fonts were larger and the photos that has been tagged to you will be placed on top of your profile, beneath the search box. The right and left-sidebar became a little bit larger. This is the second time Facebook changed something on the network and expect more changes in the future. 

I am hoping that they won't allow the application of themes or facebook layouts just like on facebook because that would be a big mess! In my opinion, facebook is better when it is plain simple.

Are you willing to avail the new profile on facebook? Do you want to presonalize your facebook account and apply personalize themes or layouts?


  1. Hey Deej! Did you change yours? 'Cause I thought your profile was a group page. HAHA! Thought I was lost. HAHAHA!

  2. I do changed it Nash! :) I was tempted to click it. Me too, I am a little bit lost with the whole thing. :|


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